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Supporting Local Communities Nationwide

We provide a range of support through our local projects and campaigns. Get support through our Foodbanks, Hot Meal Stations and Local support teams. Providing support tackling food poverty to burial services and COVID 19 support.

Food & Water Charity

The number of people living with need for assistance with water and food is ever growing. We work in areas of the world where need for support is required.

Become a Volunteer

COUK offer an incredible range of opportunities to volunteer in aid of the campaigns that we provide. This is your chance to do something amazing

Jummah Giving

By giving is a regular small donation we are able to support those that need it on a consistent basis. Change lives and donate easily on a recurring basis.

Your assistance and support is much needed

We help those who needed it the most

Our passion to help communities is the ethos of COUK and underpins all our decisions. We aim to help all communities with our charitable work, services and events regardless of religious persuasion, race or ethnicity.

We have a 100% Donations Policy

Undertaking and ensuring a 100% donation policy. Every pound generously donated is spent and delivered to those who are most in need and have little or nothing, both nationally and internationally.

Jummah Giving


Jummah Donation

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