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Since 2013, Community Outreach UK have been working on a range of issues, such as poverty alleviation, water solutions, livelihood projects, medical aid and youth engagement. In addition to delivering services, the charity has an educational role. 

 The very essence of Community Outreach UK is to promote the real teachings of peace and unity. These teachings are the fundamental elements of Islam, which is not just a religion but a way of life. There are equally important social and moral aspects to Islam as religious duties. 

Our projects are efficiently structured at a low budget with maximum benefits, so everyone can take part in helping the less fortunate. We aim to support individuals and communities to achieve good health, sustainable income and transform lives. 

The Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) has said “every act of kindness is charity.” Keeping this statement as our motto, we endeavour to fulfil the social responsibilities and obligations we have towards mankind and the environment at large.  

Kindness Is Charity

What Makes Us Different

We Educate

We enable individuals to acquire knowledge and skills through educational opportunities that make a lasting generational difference to their lives and communities. 

We Help

Robert Ingersoll said, “We rise by lifting others.” We are passionate to help everyone with our charitable services and educational programs regardless of religious beliefs, race or ethnicity. 

We Build

We aim to build an integrated and strong community through projects which unite people for the pursuit of peace and harmony. “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much”, written by Hellen Keller.  

Help is Our Goal

Our Values


Kindness has no attachment to religion, race or ethnicity. This is open to anyone who might not otherwise have access to those services; this includes people from any faith, or no faith and from all walks of life.


Every penny generously donated is spent and dispatched in the correct manner, nationally and internationally. By ensuring a 100% donation policy, we believe integrity is a key factor and at the heart of our charity.


Providing people with basic essential needs to survive i.e. food, water, clothing and shelter which gives them hope, respect and honour. We try and improve the quality of life through education and empowerment.  


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Jummah Giving


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Weekly Donation

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Regular Giving

Recurring Donation

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Gift Aid


Every penny helps...

Regular Giving - Donate from £1/wk

Make sure your giving something regularly. Setup a weekly auto donate from as little as £1 every Jumu'ah On the authority of Ka’ab (RA) who said: “Giving charity on Friday is better than giving charity on any other day of the week.”  

100% Donation Policy

Undertaking and ensuring a 100% donation policy. Every pound generously donated is spent and delivered to those who are most in need and have little or nothing.