The Burial Trust

Community Outreach UK help provide a free funeral transport vehicle for Burnley, Pendle and surrounding areas equipped with all Janazah essentials.


Transporting the deceased from the hospital mortuary to the Masjid (for ghusl) and then to the graveyard can be costly. With the grace of almighty Allah (s.w.t), a free funeral transport vehicle has been purchased for the Muslim community of Burnley, Pendle and surrounding areas.

Your Du’as, support and contributions are vital for this project. Muslims Burial Trust (M.B.T) is not affiliated to any Masjid or Madrasah, it is administrated by Community Outreach. This vehicle is a self drive, subject to availability and only for funeral purposes. The transport vehicle is fully equipped with a foldable trolley, hearse deck, caskets, stretcher and all essentials from shroud to spades and waterproof jackets.

Community Outreach have now also purchased a Portable Mortuary Refrigerator, family and friends of the deceased can have the peace of mind of knowing that the deceased will not be kept in a hospital morgue overnight. They can be placed at the Masjid or at home, close to family and friends who will have 24 hour access to this facility. As it is a portable refrigerator it can be easily transported and only requires an electric power supply.

Future intentions: Have a unit or room where the corpse can be washed for free. Within that facility have a shower room, washing machine etc for the homeless. The ultimate intention is to have a Muslim graveyard InshaAllah.